It is fascinating to search for genesis of art.Nobody born as super-human.But the way they see and perceive the world makes the difference.The true art comes from experiences and observations. Mostly from adolescence stage.Which is very crucial part of every ones life.
What ever we think, those ideas are influenced by our past experiences. It is much simple like "Nothing is come from nothing.". So it clearly states that we born as nothing and gained knowledge from the experiences. Now i started to think about machines .

Machines can't think that is what most people believe.When i was in my B-Tech, i wrote a computer program using simple graphics to draw mutation of genetic algorithm.The out put was really surprised me, because it is almost impossible to draw something like that by a human.At that time i was strongly believed that machine can think. They can be artistic in their own way.In near future machines will be part of civilisation. So many greatest minds raised their thoughts about “Singularity”.But am not talking about "Singularity" here. I am talking about broader perspective of the future.I am really curious about the future because that is where we belongs to.

‘The question of whether a machine can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim." !

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