When the day of pain ends,I just wanna go home,
I am one and there are too many of them behind.
A little sip of mine makes them satiated,
A little smile of mine makes their eyes twinkle.
My boss fails to meet my eyes in confidence,
He meets them when they fall in embarrassment.
Why lord,did you give me a job?
Why did you make my mum's eyes wet when I told her that?
I cross a road and they stare,
I do my work and they don't care.
My soul works for my parents and for me,
I know one day I will be loved by thee.
Today I suffer in silence,tomorrow I will yell to the street,
I am courageous to the core and you have just seen the outer me.

Dedicated to all women folk who work in companies and are a subject of male chauvinism.

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