i know that the title is very deceptive.. and that you are looking at a post involving one or all of the above.
but this isnt a post with them in it.. its about them
i love reading novels. its my favorite hobby. i have about 150 books on my ipod and i have read them all and more..
im mostly into fiction and i wonder sometimes why indian authors dont match up to international writers??
Indian authors are great.. dont get me wrong.. i used to love chetan bhagat in his first 2 books.. then got bored of all the drama.. i have read all his books btw
i have also read other indian fiction writers with only the 'shiva trilogy' making an impact.
i love the supernatural.. i lived on Lords of the Rings.. Eragon.. Harry potter.. Artemis Fowl.. even twilight till it became a sappy romance..
and all the while i kept thinking why we dont have books like this in india??
is it because of the culture?? where the scariest thing is danavs??
take greek civilization.. they had amazing monsters.. anything that you could imagine.. americans and the british had their vampires and werewolves and francanstines..
indians have 330 million Gods!!
is this why we have no monsters?? no legends?? no scary creatures to scare kids with except Gabbar Singh???
is this why indian authors are stuck with present day fiction?? about life and relationships.. about Gods lately.. but nothing else..
even the movie efforts have been pretty bad.. for us horror has been to copy hollywood movies into hindi! with the same scenes and the same storyline..
i cant honestly say that all of them have been bad.. there are some good ones.. but very very few and far between!!
i think as a genre fantasy hasnt been exploited or even explored by indians.. we have a very rich heritage.. im sure that if we dig deep we can showcase this to the world in a very vivid fashion.
we are one of the oldest civilizations in the world!! we gotta buck up! Indian authors arent taken seriously in the world.. most people havent even read an indian author till date!
i love this forum only and only for the fact that they have taken an effort to promote the writers in all of us.. take this chance up.. lets show them what we can really do!

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