Who doesn’t Love Gifts? Everyone does… But this gift is unique. It’s a priceless gift to a precious friend – Yes it is the Gift of Appreciation.

It is true that certain thoughts change over a period of time. Let me explain this concept of Gift.


Annanya is a girl, who loves to give gifts and surprises… She didn’t know what to gift her unique friend. Finally after a huge research work she concluded to write a letter of appreciation with loads of Gifts in it. Lets know what’s in this Gift of Appreciation.




START: This was an incident during the days of Demonetarisation. Yeah, its when our dearest Prime Minister Narendra Modi had banned 500 Rupee and 1000 Rupee Notes.

It was cool morning and I sat near the flag pole of my institute, seriously studying for my exams. My friend accompanied me there. While he studied News paper, I kept myself busy with my books. In no time a group of guys came up to my friend, who was sitting, right next to me.

There was this guy of gift. May be that was the day when I first noticed him. He was different and his voice was probing my ears. However, the strange thing that took my attention were his comments. He had made some curious comments on “The Lavish Setting of Janardhan Reddy’s Daughter’s Marriage”. That’s how it all began.

My instinct thought, when I saw him was like this… “ He is never gonna talk to me and he is never gonna be my friend”

Destiny had its own game to play with and it did turn me upside down. Yeah, he is the one, the one and only guy who worthy of this gift today. I still don’t know how all this happened….

The person whom I had never imagined to be talking to me, has now turned out to be “My Unique Friend”.


WHO IS HE?  He is a guy with zero expectations and zero demands. He is more faster and quicker than any other. His speed surprised me many a times. It is unbelievable to note that he is very sensible, enjoyable and loveable. The most enjoyable part is that he makes humorous jokes out of a serious issue. Sensible part is that he is more than loyal. And the Loveable part is the gratitude he has towards his parents and people who nurtured him. I absolutely couldn’t find any defect in this person except that he loves Pizza, which is a hated food of mine.

His every conversation, may it be a call or a message begins with "Dude" and His Favourite Question is "Why?" Its very rare that he shares his personal things with me, that may be because I never give him a chance to speak.


SECRET OF HIS NAME: His name is a symbol of light. It’s a combination of morning and night. His name perfectly describes his character of brightness and coolness. Yeah its SUN & MOON. I sometimes doubt how his parents rightly named him as “RAVI CHANDRA” which truly depicts his nature.


REASON BEHIND THIS GIFT: You never know where your DESTINY takes you to. Life changes and I don’t know where I would be standing tomorrow. So I always thought it is better to “Thank” the one who deserves it.


UNREVEALING MY GIFT:  People generally like appreciations from others. May be because they don’t appreciate themselves. But he is my unique friend who doesn’t really need any Appreciations….. Yet its my Gift……. Its a “Gift box” which is filled with Blessed days, Blessed Joyness, Blessed Studies, Blessed knowledge and Blessed Qualification.

On this new Journey of life, I wish he gets the fruits of his hard work. Therefore I am hereby giving the power of 3D- Desire, Dedication and Devolution.

My dear friend….. Remember that it is a tough road with lot of speed breakers, there are ups and downs. But trust me, "You are safe". I would stand as your strength in case your need.

You are only a step away of your success…. Infact,  you never know, how near you are, to reach your goal. It’s this one step that will make a great difference. I wish you all the very best for your future.


Come back soon with bag full of happiness………….

Don’t forget to share it with me. :)


None Other than your dearest Friend : Annanya. 

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