Girl... Born fighter... Strong hearted… Independent… Practical.

This is the reality but alas she is framed as a very weak being in this society , this is so not true. A girl is not born to sacrifice her smallest need for others sake still she does so, not because she cannot fight for her needs but because she is caring and wants everyone to get the bliss. She is posturised to be very emotional but here is a reality check , she is very strong and able to take decisions on her own. She don’t need anyone to support her as she can be better off alone in any circumstances. Those days are left far behind when a girl was married off and was considered to be having a position just above any maid servant. Today she can support herself financially and mentally. Girls are still tortured and threatened for dowry but this is decreasing as girls are becoming independent and their mindset is modernised. Many business firms are run by women as people are believing women are more capable of taking decisions and are very practical and selfcomposed.

Girl is a caring sister..Very trustworthy friend.. A loving wife..Beautiful mother. But moreover she is a human being. Even she needs to be loved cared and very important she needs to be RESPECTED…


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