Trust me, you are beautiful!
Beautiful than the morning sunrise,
Beautiful than the bluest sky,
Don’t ask me what and why.

You’re Beautiful than the evening sunset,
Beautiful than the twinkling stars,
Your single smile can even stop wars.

Your kohl eyes,
Fullness of your lips,
And your sweet voice,
Are enough reasons for a rehab patient to rejoice!

You’re beautiful Girls!
Your curls,
Your gaze,
Your curved hips,
Your blushed cheeks,
And your reddest lips,
Are enough to capture a heart,
In any mart.

You’re beautiful!
Because you got a heart that screams for love and loyalty,
No illusion no delusion only adoration and reality.

Girls you’re beautiful!
Because of the love in your heart,
Because of the politeness in your voice,
Because of the grace in your walk,
And because of the vividness in your eyes.

And Yes! You look more beautiful with that million, billion & zillion dollar smile on your FACE! :)

Remember you are BEAUTIFUL for now and forever,
Forget this never. :)

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