Well as always I just reached the airport to catch the flight. Had to listen from the (VERY) pretty lady sitting on the counter. She said run or you will miss the flight. "Thank GOD. thank you so much.. I will pakka be on time from the next time" again this thought like every time.. :) Requested for the person sitting on the window seat to exchange seat. He agreed.
***I was still panting while we exchanged the seats, I looked out from the window and on the wing it was written "VT-JGD" (Now what other proof you want)***

Some times, naaa, rather many times... OK at least for me all the time; this thought comes in mind that god is always there to take care of your needs. And you have all the things you ever wanted in life. Then why the hell are you worried about yourself. Go, go n work for the needy instead of farting around here and there.

If this thought comes in your mind even for once.. you are blessed.

PS- if you cannot appreciate the line in ***, don't worry. I just pray that you do that soon.. ;)

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