Walking down this street, path unquantified,
exchanging pleasantries, to opportunities alike,
unraveling the mystery that leads me through,
successfully, brilliantly with the brain's powerful strike.

It's not surprising, to meet a face,
doubling up as good and bad,
innocence as it masks me;
it clasps with the soothing brace.

Unfed to suctions of imposters,
the naivety thus immolated,
Still smiling, as the path leads me,
gathered emotions, unattended.

Now that the face leads me,
loose down to illusions, lingering questions,
Surely intriguing, but with hypnotized senses,
never thought, profound the fate, failed to see!

The street to be ever in my favor,
cavalier attitude it should own, vindicated dead ends;
The voice to have been silent, not glittering,
defied what the conveyance put to prior!

The silent look that once caught my senses,
managing to break away from hypnosis;
the silence now glittered, stating proof,
Of mine being used at lashes!!

The glitter of the silence,
ending it all, the tears mastering the act;
Fighting back the weird grin of the face,
almost stoking to death, aggravated!!

Learning to be in a false illusion,
regretting stakes of blunders made,
apologizing, moving away, frantically,
cursing my thoughts, of low grade!!

Reaching back to normality,
apologizing for the curses,
thanking that single 'glitter of silence',
gathering the mind to resume!

I now wish to start all over moving back in time,
knowledge of which cannot happen, move forward,
the same old street, path unquantified, with none to lead,
Bring it on myself, with the lone gratified attribute of it,
'The Glitter of Silence'!

Tags: Peace

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