God is the manifestation of a natural being .The fragrance of a nature being is the fragrance of God.The problem with human being is that he or she had forget to be natural ,to be authentic.He or she has become a social slave .Basic slavery is social slavery.

Society is running man as machines .Machines do productive work but is has no soul, it only needs fuel.In the same way those who are social slaves , doing there work to please society ,starts accumulating social fuel ,whether it is money ,power ,prestige or sex .

The ultimate liberation of man can only be possible through yoga and meditation .Without that they will remain a slave.They may be rich machine or poor machine that doesn't matter much.Yoga and meditation is the door way to compassion and love .Yoga and mediation fills a man with spiritual values.

There is always a difference between what is valuable and what is expensive.Expensive thing are not valuable and valuable things are not expensive.

God is not a fictitious character to be served and pleased but to be manifested in every being .It is a lotus to be blossom in the dirt of lust .The fragrance of the lotus is awareness, love, celebration, courage, creativity and humour. Every being has to blossom his or her lotus that is the ultimate goal of life .

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