“ I proposed a guy” is pretty normal a sentence for people belonging to any part of the globe sans India, for in India proposing a Guy ( leave the lad-lad thing, even if you are a mademoiselle) is bound to raise many eyebrows and drop as many jaws down. The situation is more embarrassing if you happen to encounter a denial. The response to such a sentence is not only exasperated but exaggerated as well. People do their regular “ooh and aahs”. The consoling friends become the guiding babas and advice you nonchalantly how to come out of this ‘ordeal’. If your mother is as perfect as mine in her spying tactics, you would be bound to hear remarks as “Ye koi umar hai inn cheezo mein padhne ki”, “Itni jaldi hai tu abhi shaadi kara deti hoon” This new found information by this woman called mother is used for varied purposes as ‘taunt’. You fail to accomplish some task, no problem here she embarks again “Kaheti hoon sudhar ja, koi ladka nhi milega aise”. The other set of orthodox friends makes you feel the guilt. “You were never like that!” “Ladke ko propose karne ki kya zaroorat thi?!” “Badal gyi hai tu” and unanimously they announce the culprit as college, workplace, or any other new place for bringing about this ‘newly freshly’ change. The guy friends fill you with apprehensions. “You would be the reason for all the laughs his friends and co. would be having right now”. And if you try to placate yourself by thinking “He was different”, you are knocked down to reality by the addition of another bitter truth “All guys are the same”. Hush! The disappointment experienced after a simple ‘no’ is nothing in comparison to the cumulative response of the people to this situation. A country where it’s permissible for citizens to file an RTI for any clarification from the government, why can’t the mademoiselles have the RIGHT TO INFORMATION for rummaging in the hearts of their prince in search of some feelings for her. Why can’t this we dealt maturely. Nothing is forever, not even feelings. Time is the biggest healer; yes add this in your list of truths you are encountering through this write-up! Isn’t it better to present the feelings than letting them mount up from ages till time immemorial? An acknowledgment of your feelings would bless you with a company to enjoy this monsoon; nevertheless you won’t feel the guilt of never trying. Life shouldn’t be played in a safe-mode haina?! A denial would clear your heart and time would heal the scars, if any, provided! Alas! Under the Society Penal Code this would still be considered a crime. So if you have made up your mind to quench your infatuation whatever may come, think again, they would greet you with a reply as polite as “Goddammit” when you confess them “I proposed a guy”!

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