A new day arrives; I'm waiting for the morning sun.

Rains pissing on me, God must be having fun.

I crawl myself out of bed & move to the bathroom to take a shower.

Sipping on a beer Lord Shiva tells Vishnu, “Bro, do you want to see my power"?

Some songs on my playlist, I step out of house, heading off to work.

The sky goes black and suddenly the rains go berserk.

Lord takes one more sip and says " Bro, let’s have a little more fun"

Let's jam roads from Borivali to Andheri, even if the clock's at 1.

I keep waiting for a share cab for 30 minutes, but to no avail.

Finally I take the Expensive Samosa (Rickshaw) to start my trail.

Rains pouring in, the journey starts at a snail's pace.

It's the Lord's 3rd peg, for his entertainment he made this human rat race.

We climb the flyover or should I say we crawl over the bend.

Oh the road’s on a mend! Or it is that they pretend.

Traffic my love, I hate to live and especially living with you.

I want to kick you and slap you, as I feel your life is overdue.

I look at the share car besides me, people crumpled in their seats.

Shut the music down, this is the time to dance to the honking beats.

This is the everyday saga; everyone is stuck in traffic every time.

Because of it we can't climb the job ladder that helps us make a dime.

Finally I reach work, drenched in sweat or is it the fucking rain.

Lord's bottle is empty now, and so is his daily game.

He winks and says, “Dude, chill out and just enjoy the speedy life in Bombay"

Tomorrow couple of bro-gods are joining in, and for you it will be another day.

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