Feeling up? Without any reason sometimes? Haha, you are mad :O ? Nah! you are not :) Just the case is you are sick of being down most of the times!
They say you are idle. Oh yes I am idle, but is it bothering you ???
I know what I have to do!!
Now again I am going to be rude here! I know not what is the problem with me and writing_ I start sometimes with good mood and end up in serious way like a movie!
Hell No, I am not going to be serious this time...
So what I was saying ... yes it is about feeling up sometimes without knowing the reason. And you don't bother about the reason unless you tell someone that you are feeling up today and they are like, "Any special reason?" Oh!!! And you really pay heed to them and think of a reason for a moment but since you actually don't know your self so you have to say, "no, nothing" And they are like, "Huh, I know you don't wanna tell... well no problem ... " And here it is the moment you really wanna hit them hard!!! I mean, why not believing even when you are telling! If you can tell them that you are happy then why cannot the reason! Best is to control your anger and ignore them, they just cannot find themselves a way to get happy for they always need a HUGE SOLID REASON!!! forget them, for they cannot understand the feeling of getting up early, taking in fresh air, seeing the sun rising, the birds chirping, passing a smile to the half naked child on footpath, the surprising smile on the face of the peons when you greet them and many other small moments! They are hardly of a second or two, but they can make your day often!
It does not mean that they are necessarily the REASON of you delighted mood! It is because you were feeling up, so you noticed these small moments, you found meanings in these moments too!
Yes, I feel up sometime, without any reason but it always the time after I have been through something hard! Or still going through it!
But when you feel so, don't hesitate to live the time for it does not come daily with the same charm!
I comment on almost every funny post/image on fb, I write, talk, speak a lot, move around, stay out of my room, tease my friends the most, sometimes I even talk or text to those whom I may never recall the whole year!
You really need no reason for feeling up, it's your right Man!
You give your best in your moments of felicity and thus what comes to you is the best! Avail this time :)
You may not remember the reasons but you will surely remember the results!
You can sleep with a smile on your face, at-least for night...

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