Between two trees
a connect,
the hanging creeper
that swings,
and sings,
two trees stand tall
like two parents,
nurturing, protecting,
caring and providing,
holding hands (from either sides)
of their little toddler
who jumps and leaps
and kicks heaps
of laughter
this toddler is now growing...
from youthful green,
it is changing to golden
of the olden
bells that hang
and jingle
and sing
and mingle
among themselves with cheer
and this creeper...
like bells hanging in wait...
wait to wither away.
The two trees
will morn the loss,
for the creeper family,
sad it will be...
but these bells...
they make no sound
but I hear knells...
Golden bells that ring...
the two trees
will fly away with the breeze!

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