well this is the last day of a wonderful, scary year.
so its fitting to bit it adieu, so that we can bring in the new one at a clean start.
for me this year has had some really great achievements and some spectacular failures. im happy for both of them. the successes to be proud of and the failures to learn from.
We proved the Mayans wrong for one.. our world didnt end,theirs did thou..
We had the most popular song in the world..
bollywood had the highest grossing film ever (dunno what was der in it to do so.. but wth)
it also took filmmaking to a new level with amazing out-of-the-box films like omg, barfi, kahaani and english vinglish
we also recorded 625 rapes in Delhi and the most heinous crime was committed against one so innocent.
so all in all we had a lot of highs and a lotta devastating lows.
be proud of the highs.. but please for god sakes learn from the lows.
we as a public have a very short memory. lets work a lil harder to keep somethings in mind.
so heres wishing u a very very happy 2013!!
have a rocking party tonite!

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