We can insure our life,health,property
and valuables , the loss of which would
be a disaster to you. We wisely add
insurance as necessary.
But do we acquire SUCCESS INSURANCE ?

Success insurance is usually called
by a familiar name ... Goodwill.
Goodwill may be one of the most valuable
assets.It has a very high monetary value.
In the sale and merger of business,
their goodwill has a definite value.

But when we consider Goodwill as
Personal Success Insurance , in this contest
Goodwill is not purchased but it has to be
created by WHAT WE SAY , WRITE or DO .

These three words : " Say ,Write or Do "
are the basis of our knowledge and skill.
which guides us in creating the personal
Success Insurance .

Don't hesitate to express or say ur feelings,
ur ambitions , write it and do it in reality.

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