The Government! I must say it's quite weird!
Doing whatever changes it wants, no matter whether it seems legit or not! And what is it recently trying to do? Planning to reduce consensual age to 16 instead of 18, and wait for more little kids to get pregnant with illegitimate kids??
Isn't Indian society already full of malpractices, and Indian youth trying to compete with elders in every possible way? And here it is- a ticket to their stupidity, have s*x so early and get kids when they are themselves kids!

And moreover, what's the logic behind all these things? When the legal marriageable age for women is 18 years and for men, it's 21, then why consensual age brought down so low? Isn't it like get babies first and get married later, totally against family culture in India, which for the first time I found good? Wouldn't s*x be good only if practiced within the sanctity of Marriage?
The Government is competely trying to ape the West, where teenagers almost everyday make out and get pregnant with babies, and have to nurture them at such a young age, forgetting their own childhood?
Certain laws in the West is pretty good, but why take the bad things and try enforcing them in our country?
Shouldn't the consensual age be lifted higher up till the time women are actually mentally aware of her emotions and feelings?
Hell with it.

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