Why do u expect me to cook food for you
If I can do that, you can do it too!
Why do you want me to remain available for you
If you love me, yeah I love you too
You made up your mind and made me your wife
Thinking.. I will be an amalgamation of bests in your life
I made a mistake by not rectifying you;all this time..giving hopes of all great future rides
Sadly I couldn't fit in the box you provide
Your words, your eyes all say lies
You never told me fixtures of your mind
Your set dimensions of all; your wife must imbibe
You loved me for my free soul
A free spirit, a poet, a lover, an artist; as all these were a part of my mind..
Ohh ..by now ..the poet is dying!
The lover is crying!
And the artist is ruining her paintings of time....

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