Oh My dear heart
Why Don't you grow up
Still rumbling in your twenties
Why don't you look up
Sun is about to set
and you have tasks to perform
Your children are crying, please feed them through some form
Parents are asking for the new lenses that you have kept in the dorm
Husband is seeking love of the loving wife after a hectic day so long!
And colleagues at the workplace want you to come back to the norm
What are you looking for ..even you dont know
Confusions cover your mind, please take your life a little slow
What would you read more..
What would you talk about..
People in your life are going ahead with their plans aloud
You are stuck with your wishes unresolved
You shall reach nowhere if you try that hard
Doing one thing at a time is the key to go
Oh dear heart
Now is the time grow up
Do not rumble in your twenties
Now is the time to look up!

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