We live in an imperfect world.The healthy food isn’t tasty,and the tasty one isn’t heathy.WTF!.So is the case with our relationships.They are messy,they lack common sense,and most of them are born out of the urge to satisfy one’s own happiness instead of making someone else happy,along with you.We are humans,right?,born to survive.
If you are in the age from16-25.It would be safe to assume that word revolves around love,sun is an imposter.Most people do have a romantic angle in their life till now,unless you are a serial killer (dexter), it may be in the 7th grade,when you use to borrow pencils from her,hiding your own.It may be a much serious relationship,in which you were sure that “SHE IS THE ONE”,and it turned out she wasn’t.And Bwoy were you hurt?,when you figured that out.That special someone,the perfect girl somehow turned into a daily soap wamp ,and you had no clue.

So I thought this Valentine,not just to kill time,let’s educate people.Love happened to me various stages.It was as if a process of watching a butterfly come to life,fighting from a cocoon,to face its inevitable death.

The Stage one-Unknown
My life was,in one word,happy.I used to play football all day,play video games in PS2,do maths and somehow manage my other urges.:l.
Then one day you meet her,Bammm,with that meeting,everything you have lived for till date, seems worthless.
That one syllable word “Hi” was the most beautiful ever heard. I know, I am being overly dramatic here, but that’s how I remember it,screw you.

The Stage Two-The Chase.
The best part in a relationship,where everything in you is connected with her,you stalk her facebook profile all day,you try to get all infro about her,in that infro you can’t hear a word against her.She just texts you “k”,you have a thousand replies to send her back.
Footbal,friends all have the same question.”Where art thou?”
But you don’t even hear them,all you hear is her name,her day,her favorite nail-polish color,her father’s journey to some stupid village,and you are like “Aww,you are so interesting Shona”.

Stage three-Post Proposal.
You celebrate all festivals together,you are a couple.You hold hands,look into each others eyes and sigh.Sigh!.You believe in God,believe in her God to be precise, because without him this shit is too good to be true.
This is clearly is the best time ever in your life.Warm hugs,soft kisses and bwoy the late night,(correction early morning) calls.

Stage 4-The Comfort Zone-
You both are perfectly comfortable,you know more about her than her Mom,which is a big deal.You both don’t think when you guys talk to each other,you don’t slide back the chair,you don’t open the door of restaurant.She is totally a part of you.She ain’t going anywhere,she is yours and you are her for seven births.*Spoiler alert BUT YOU AREN’T.

Stage 5-Its Complicated.
You have heard enough stories of her friend who keeps screwing up with the same guy, over and over again. She should just move the f*ck on.
The football is back,and so are the friends.Forget it,You can’t play “ghar-ghar” forever.She is just too needy,she takes you to this Mall,buys nothing,just keeps whining about her classmate’s sandal,which trust me you have to go to a parallel universe to get. I want to hang out with her, but only sometimes,when she is not that irritating,which is happening more than once a month.

Stage 6-Downhill.
You are finding it increasingly difficult to have a convo with her.All you do,when you talk,is shout at each other.You keep thinking about her the entire day,but the minute she shows her face,you have nothing to say.Both of you are ignoring each other for no particular reasons.The face that seemed so pretty once is difficult to stare onto now.The mask is slowly sliding,both her’s and your’s.On one dark night,you go to her with tear in your eyes,just manage to speak in broken sentences “Babe----its –--not---working.Lets give each other some time.”

Stage 7-Post Breakup-

Two days,you are unable to get out of bed.You don’t want to go out.You keep checking your cellphone,as if somehow you might skip that epic ringtone.She was such an important part on my life,that one-and- half year is suddenly a huge blank,twas all her,she took it with her.

You realize that “heart-break” is just not some terminology.Something is really breaking inside,and it really hurts.But no bandages for this one,you have to move on. Your best buddy shows up,the f*ckin retard first gets kicked,but persist on playing PS2,you give up to the stuborn mule and life moves on.

Stage-8.Super Post Breakup-
You see her pic,with a Ch*****(I have no better word),and her facebook shows,she is in a relationship again.First you frown,let me call her,but inside you know its over.She has a right to live again.

Today –
I stand here before you,happy as ever.I have found new friends to fill that hole in my life (this sounds so wrong,Anyways) ,they are amazing and crazy beautiful people..I have much deeper sense of the kind of girls I hang out with . I clearly know what I want from a girl now,SEX…kidding..:P.
As for her,she also seems happy in her fb pofile,I heard she has a newer boy friend.She is a beautiful person ,that I can bet my life on.I wish she could find the second most awesome person in the world,coz this first one ain’t that easy.

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