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Majority of Children, who are supposed to be the light of a brighter India are still uneducated and illiterate due to the prevalence of poverty and child- labor. “School” which is often referred to as the temple of education, creativity, innovation and ideas are largely ill-equipped to serve or nurture our nation’s future.

However, I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this “Temple” as had I not been to school, I might have not been able to efficaciously deal with various hurdles in my personal and professional life.

School moulds a child’s personal self and establishes a strong personality, which helps him/her to combat the ruthlessness of the competitive warfront. Lack of education and awareness have left India unarmed for tackling socio-economic problems such as population explosion, civic deficiencies, and repercussions of stubborn superstitious beliefs.

Although, the people who are educated and to an
extent “enlightened” are familiar with this profound deficit within the Indian society, but little has been done to replenish the loss and restore people’s faith in education.

Had I not been to school I wouldn’t have understood the importance of all that matters. School is a path for inception of great ideas. Schooling forms our conceptual base, not only for theoretical knowledge, in fact it provides us with a sense of growth which is psychologically rewarding.

The most culturally diverse country in the world- India is traumatized by various economy woes arising from the lack of education. Education being the most powerful weapon does not breed ignorance, which in turn is harmful for society. It makes a person optimistic, prosperous, wealthy, and vigorous turning their goals into real and incepts ideas that replenish incomparable talent. Also it tends to bring greatness in one which is itself praising.

I am penning down few lines for why I think Schools are important:

Basic Knowledge

School gives the very much needed basic information and Education about different subjects like Science, Mathematics, etc. to a child. It helps a child to solve complex problems in future and give him a booster to take life in a directed path. School incepts the basic ideas in a child that make him more intellectual and knowledgeable.

Social Interaction

School, in turn, enlightens social and cultural skills of a child. It is very important now-a-days to interact with people. It symbolically endures additional skills in a child. The more a child tends to interact with people, the more he gets to add versatile information. I certainly find myself to be strong in that now.

Personality development

Just the bookish knowledge is not enough. School also helps for overall development of a child’s personality. The way a child speaks, interact, and uses his skill are all important aspects of personality that he gains from a school. School helps to develop all round personality of a child.

“Had I not been to School”, I would have frolicked in alleys and might have never longed for “Success”- A safeguard for life which is connected with Self motivation and leads to a life one craves for. School is a path of great ideas and inception of career. I always believe that I was lucky enough to go to this “temple” of Education, creativity and innovation.

(Originally Posted in Smile Foundation's Blog by Sanjay Kumar)

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