With those lips and those long long hair
You made me all go wrong
You're insecure for the way I stare
Yeah I could watch you all day long.

To me you look so beautiful
When the sunshine makes you bright
Your starstruck gaze, like a fairytale
Girl makes me think about you all night.

Standing here, your picture in my hand
Like i had a thousand times
Thinking how to express to you my darling
That one word which'd change my life

The first day i saw you
My heart stopped counting time
Hell you looked so beautiful
You made my mind to blow

You had me on that glow........

When you walked in that afternoon
You had that sweet smile on
And everybody just turned around to see
Well the heartbeats were all gone

From the first time i saw you
It felt like rain and snow
If i never told you
I just want you to know

You had me on that glow...........

Tags: Love, Serenade, Poem

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