I was going through my Facebook news feed and there were these little pictures telling what happiness is. And as I read them I was amazed as that really was the truth. Those pictures described happiness as something that is got by doing little things. And that is what true happiness is.

All of us want to be happy. Whatever we do is for our comfort and happiness. We got to school, we study further, then get a job and the list never ends. And why do we do it? We want to happy in our lives. But as we go about doing these things we forget the things that really give us happiness. We are so caught up in our busy lives that we need a reason for doing everything and hence we need a reason for being happy.

But happiness does not need complicated things! It is little things that give us the most happiness! Think about this :

Yes, wasn't our childhood a happy one? No cares, no worries. Just some friends and toffees would give us joy that nothing else could!

When we do things and expect the end result to bring us happiness, we may or may not be happy. But if we enjoy the things we do, they are sure to bring us joy!

Happiness also comes by sharing things! Even sharing a smile brings much joy!

Reading a book, listening to music, singing aloud bothering about none, and the list goes on!

Different things bring happiness to different people. But true happiness comes from the things we love to do with no plans attached to them!

Happily ever after may be only in stories. But even we have a chance at being happy most of the time, if we shed all our worries and look at the bright side of things!

Have a happy day!

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