There were two boys who lived happily.

The strrugle that they went through no-one ever noticed.

They had the power to make everyone smile and laugh around them.

They were just  Incredible!

All I noticed was their happiness,their enthusiasm to know the things, the way they could speak through their expressions,the way they were their for each other all the time.

But the fact was they were deaf and dumb.


For a moment I realised we pray to God for so many things then what should those boys ask for?

Does God grant them with all the happiness they are looking for?

Does God give them the prcious power to listen and speak?

Does God really listen to what we all pray?

I started realising it is not the life we get,it is what we make out of it.

Everyone has got their own route to success.We focus on who reached first rather than realising the pain they took to reach that success.

We never know from how many days or months or years they would have been waiting for that happiness.


All is within us,

It is how we take the situation,

Its always better to have a positive approach to everything in life,

It takes just one smile to hide all the sorrows, but it takes one neagtive point to destroy all the happiness we are seeking for.


Those boys would have never been happy if they ever had thaught what people will speak about us,if they ever had thaught we are dumb and deaf and we cannot achieve anything.Its their positive attitude towards life which was all been seen on their faces that day.

And I must say that they were travelling to give some government exams.Such happy and cheerfull faces they had :)


People all I wanna say is Life is tough,Life is Beautiful at the same time.

Try concentrating on small little happiness rather than dreaming of fake happiness!!!




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