Happiness is a mystery,
Something which can't dwell in secrecy.

It has been a part of us ever since the history,
But can any one define it exactly ?

Some say , it's joy
For some it's just a mere toy.

It is the state of feeling good,
Even about the lousiest of food ?

Happiness ....What is happiness?
Is it finding light, even in darkness ?

Is it getting lost upstate,
Forgetting all our past mistakes?

Happiness is our soul's song...so pure,
That every pain, it can cure.

It becomes our strength when we're weak,
It is for everyone, even for the meek.

It is an aura, so divine,
Without it nothing would survive.

Happiness, surely, is a mystery,
But it is something,which gives our heart a merry minstrelsy.....

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