Swasti: Hi.How are you?How have you been?What is your take on sufferings?

Nivedita: Better.There is a part of you who wants to just think logically and you do everything to suppress the counterpart.You convince yourself by trying to convince others that emotions are just some whimsical package that you have to always carry along,totally redundant.Yet isn't it true that suppressing the emotional center is one of the hardest things in life.That sometimes even after realizing the superfluity of its nature,you make yourself suffer even more than those who do not give much of a thought to all this.I mean even though I know how unimportant this all is,yet I would never be following it.All this makes my life a huge contradiction in terms.

Swasti: See you are totally right in saying so.But if you would have totally understood the redundancy of suffering you would not have allowed pain to reach your Most Deepest point.You would have shunned it out at a very early stage.No denial,you would have suffered,as everyone does at some or other point in their lives.But that much of suffering is purely acceptable.It serves you right.Makes you stronger.

And this my dear requires a complete acknowledgement of the fact that sufferings are unnatural in lives and the moral purpose of life should be to just achieve happiness.

Nivedita: So you mean to say that we should do everything in our lives which make us happy by any means?

Swasti: Yes and no.See,yes you do all those things which make you happy but I do not support hedonism.For hedonists the goal is happiness.They keep it as a goal and reach any level to achieve it with no morals or any values in life.Good is not whatever gives you pleasure.For me pleasure is not the first cause,but only a consequence.

Nivedita: Right and thank you!

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