Happiness is that of seeing a free bird stretch its wings and fly away,
Away from human's cruelty,away from its captivity.
It flies away,away to the bay,
where he found his home,where he regains his liberty.

Happiness is that when the happy faces of the Indians are seen,
when independence is attained by them.
After years and years of slavery,
they are able to survive on their own means.
Slavery and Captivity were condemned,
and so they fought bravely.

Happiness is that when the happy faces of the kids are seen,
when they have earned enough so that they don't have to beg on the roads.
The lovely raindrops that brushes against their faces is a sight worth seeing,
as they dance and cartwheel on the road.

Happiness is that of thy lovely bride,
when she greets the brave soldier from the battlefield.
Waiting for him anxiously,
Happiness is of the brave soldier when he his with his bride side by side.
Happiness is of both when they meet their only family,
Basking in their own fantasy.

Happiness is everywhere,
what is needed is to share it everyone.............

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