Happyness has been lately on my mind,
Understandable why it's so hard to find.
We look for it night and day,
But forget where we lost it, wouldn't you say?
Some times we find it in the land of ago,
Some times in things we can forego.
When we find it, it's for a short time,
In that moment life is a beautiful rhyme.
And we think to ourselves 'I wish it were mine... '
And then we remember it's only a matter of time,
Before it will fade and we'll loose it again.
Life cannot be such agony and pain.
But what if; may I suggest,
The treasure is not to be found in the chest.
We search for it where it does not exist,
To find dusty mirrors, with blurry reflections that's it.
What are they reflecting can you hazard a guess?
Why of course it's 'You' I must confess.
So when you're drenched and feeling sad,
Happiness is all but to be had,
All you have to do is say the magic words,
"I'm happy and free as the Birds!"

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