When it seemed so improbable
yet you dreamed big
When things didn't go as you planned
you still believed
When finances were low
and stakes were high
you never gave up!

Readers began pouring in..
mostly by word of mouth..
slowly they grew
now nearly two thousand plus..

You are always at work
adjusting this thing and that
open to each n every suggestion you hear
fixing every problem like an expert
creative, artistic
humbly you made our day!

Most of us didn't know we could write
till we stumbled upon this site
and once here, none quits
the sheer magic of WB!

So from all of us out here
thank you so very much
for this beautiful pad
where we chit
n where we chat
of umpteen things
running though our minds
here's wishing you a very, very happy b'day
and a big God bless you!

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