I must admit, I crib a lot; have a temper problem and fight a lot-with my best friends, with my family, with my boyfriend-everybody. I am generally angry, about the state of affairs in our country, about corruption, about rising crime rates, about insensitive and stupid people whose sole motive in life is to reach to a higher socio-economic status.
I worry a lot, about the future. I fear dying as an 'ordinary' woman, without achieving any remarkable heights of success or contributing in any concrete manner for the welfare of the planet or human beings. I fear not living before dying and being chained to the material comforts in exchange of my freedom. I fear being domesticated.
I have regrets about my past; there is a lot of pent up hatred and frustration against my alma mater; there is a kind of mistrust for people and a deep insecurity that those who I thought were the most horrible, inhuman creatures on the face of the earth, might outdo me.

But today I was listening to a news report about poverty and hunger in the Bundelkhand region that lies at the UP/MP border and I was so touched by the sad reality.
Those people don't have food to eat for days. They eat rotis made of grass even if they experience severe stomach-ache, hours later. Women are bought from even poorer areas for marriage. Poverty, deprivation and disease marks everyday lives of people.
So today, I for once will take a pause and be grateful for whatever I have. My life is beautiful as it is, and i want to thank The Almighty for all of it.
:D Have a warm eid and a lovely teej and don't forget that life is all about finding joy in the little things we do and the many things we have and being the strong people we are. :D
Ofcourse I want to be better everyday and contribute to the welfare of these people. But if I'm not happy within, what will I have to share? So this festive season, I extend my warmest wishes to all of you!! :)

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