Certain things in life, bring us joy more than the rest of the things do. And most of the times it is in little things that we find happiness the most. Things that are seemingly unimportant sometimes give us joy in great proportions.
I had this feeling of joy, satisfaction today! A day well begun, did end well! I don't know whether me waking up early this morning and going out for rendezvous with nature today has to do anything with this. I'm a happy soul! Offering a seat in the bus to an old lady never gave me so much joy before as it did today! I don't know why, but today even though I didn't do well as expected in my exams, the smile remains etched on my face!
Maybe the feeling of exams getting over is making me happy or may be not! Friends? They may be the reason but I spend my time with them almost everyday! Or maybe the spent with the little toddler has brought me joy.
Well, I don't know why, but this feeling of joy is the best ever. Maybe I don't need a reason to be happy! Maybe that's the secret of happiness- being happy without a reason. More often than not we are so obsessed with finding reasons to be happy that we forget to be happy! Now I've realized that we don't have to find happiness, or we don't have search for it! Happiness is within us, just waiting to be discovered, waiting to bubble out and spread cheer all around!
As I lay my head down on my mother's lap, that feeling of bliss still intact, I hope this happywala feeling stays!

Tags: Happiness, Joy

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