When I lay myself to bed at night
I wonder at the thoughts that cross my mind?
Crossing the lines of the real and the blur
Revealing my true identity in the silence of the night
I hush my demons and let them sleep
Let them snore and fret no more
Because when they wake up
They will cause a havoc
The destruction will follow on those I beseech
Hash infused palms, a smoke lingered existence
A rush of blood to my aching heart
A calm to my chaotic soul
Sitting in the four walled chamber
Deeply colored in a shade of gold
With shadows of the past haunting me
With memories crashing against the rocks of sanity
Embracing the tides that will cause my destruction
With no escape and no remorse
Making a fool of my credence
Leading me into temptation
And then it let me go and I fall
Ina deep despair for my own being
As I wake up again to look at my
Hash infused palms

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