I have always heard this word, 'F-A-I-T-H'. People say that it is strong and with it one can cross hard times easily. This word is so strong that it pulls out people from bad situations and provide power to those who are going through bad times. Many say that it's the only thing a person can have when nothing seems right. For me, I am just going through a time wherein I am able to understand about this word, properly.

I have decided to leave India and settle abroad when I was young, very young. I may 15 or 16 years old when I had made this decision. During that time, I wasn't sure how I am going to do it but all I knew is that I wanted to do it. Then, few religious guru told that my future is not in India. I would keep moving towards West. I didn't pay much attention to it but my fate brought me to Pune, which certainly is in the west of Odisha. When I first landed in Pune, I felt good. I felt happy and relaxed. It was like a first step towards my dream.

Almost 5 years went by. My thought of going abroad somehow took a back seat and got involved with various things in my life apart from my childhood dream. Sometimes, when I saw some photographs, my dream did try to take a step ahead but then it never worked out. Until recently when I took it seriously and decided to leave nation as soon as possible. I started inquiring about universities and start understanding the job opportunities in abroad land. My family is not aware about my activities. I want to take thing on my hand, as I know they won't be positive about my decision. They are not happy with the decision of me leaving India, at all. I have no objection for their concern either.

As the days pass, I am getting more determined, looking out for more options, taking things more seriously and trying to work hard more so that I can reach in a position to actually do it on my own. It's not going to be easy and might be close to impossible, but I have to do it. This is the only way that leads to my dream. The pathway may be dark sometimes, but I only need to have a light of FAITH within me that will guide me and encourage me to take a step ahead. I realised that everyone in this world need FAITH. After all, this is what we have when the time isn't right.

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