Last few days left and my college will going to be over. Rahul was happy that atlast he will be out of studies and now he can do what he always wished to do i.e. Business.

Till now life have offered him everything on a silver plate. His college days went happily with his bunch of friends and a cute girlfriend. His father was a lawyer and of course how can it be possible that any father not want his son to be better than him. His father was having the same dream of making him a big repudiated lawyer but Rahul’s dream was different.

He always wished to become a business tycoon. Big business Big Money was the dream of a small town boy Rahul.

On the day of graduation party Rahul’s girlfriend Anuska asked “What you going to do after this Rahul”
“I will do business my love” Rahul replied
“What business Rahul ??? And how can you forget that my mother wants me to marry in a defense family ? How will you going to ask for my hand?”
“What are you talking Anuska, you know this very clear that I always wished to do business. Its my dream. How can I leave my dreams for your mother’s wish.”
“Fine so tell me what business you want to start?” Anuska asked with a rude voice
“I don’t know, I didn’t decide yet. But I think I may open a school its one of the best business.”
“Ohh wow… Awesome idea.. And how will you do that, who will invest for you?”
“I will ask my Dad” Rahul said
“Let see, how much he’ll help you” She said

On the very next day Rahul went to his Dad’s room early in the morning because he knew that morning time his father is always in the good mood. So he told his dreams to him.
“Its all good but Rahul you know we have very limited income. How will I manage to invest and run a school. Even a play school. Its very difficult for me.”
“Dad trust me, I ll work very hard and soon its going to be the best school in our town” Rahul said looking deep into his father’s eyes.
“Ok give me some time to think upon this, I will call you in the evening”

At coffee café
“Have you told about your dreams to your Dad?” Anuska asked
“Yep! And I know he will never say no to me” He answered

@Evening Rahul’s father called him to his office
“Son after looking for all the debts and liabilities, my calculation says I need one year to collect money for your investment”
“But dad, what I will do for rest of the year?”
“You select some course and study further, So that you will gain more knowledge and it will help you in your future?”
“Is it not possible now?”
“No not yet but I promise for the next year”

Meeting with Anuska
“That’s it, I knew that !! Now you sit with your hand in hand and I am going.”
“Where are you going Anuska?”
“I am going out of your life Rahul. My mom was right, You are not the right guy for me. I should have agreed for the marriage proposal she offered me of the handsome guy from Navi. Atleast I could live out of this shit town and out of your fake dream world.” Anuska said roughly

“How can you say that ? You know how much I love you ?” Rahul said
“Be practical Rahul, Love is not enough in life. I need someone who can promise me a better life”
“And you are not sure about me. Look Anuska initially every business need lot of hardwork and dedication and when it grows well it’s better than any work in the world.”
“You and your father sit and grow your business in your fantasy Rahul. Bye!!”

With that BYE she left him few days after graduation. In those miserable days Rahul was not able to accept that how could she leave him on his struggling days. Is it called Love. Is she was the person he was blind for.

Soon the year went and his father fulfilled his promise, they started with a play school. It was hard at the beginning. They have to struggle a lot. In the meanwhile he got the news of Anuska’s engagement with that guy from Navi.

He was lost and heartbroken. His school was facing a hard time and his personal life was ruined by his girlfriend. He was not sure about his present and future. He was frightened.

1st year went….

2nd year went….

3rd year came –

News in the front page of the most popular newspapers

• Rahul Agrawal a young boy emerging into a business tycoon with the initial valuation of 1000 Cr business empire of school education with head office in his native town and 25 other branches across all over India.

• He was awarded for the sharpest minds of young India by Indian Government.

• Rahul’s education providing free education to the children of defense sector.

• Rahul starches his legs to the offshore Making his school International.

• Helped handicapped Navi officers from the war to get work and education to their children.

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