It was an intensively vibrant second,
That made him say-
"I Love You".
It was cuddling of two stream-ended motive,
Where she dived but lost a fin.

Flashbacks! Sighs! Laments!
When such thoughts came clamorously,
They rekindled every single dot,
And portrayed Him.

The bridge of fondness was so strong, but remained for few hours.
The passion he had for her,
Was matter of a couple of minutes.
The connecting vibes, she encountered, wanted lust.
& It took her just one blink to fall in with that gust.

It felt so perfect,
Like a vagrant had found a home.
Like a kid had gotten everything watching those bubbles of foam.
In the presence of bliss,
She couldn't identify the treachery.
Not aware of the fact that he'd be repentant,
She so wished if she had known it, a priori.

No sooner had she vanished herself
Than her soul made her thrive that phase,
Because, it's her whom she later needed to face.
What I asked her for was sustaining intrepidly,
And there was she-
Bubbly, Cheerful, pulchritudinous and of course comely.

Although too late, yet she understood the fact within
That It was just heat of the moment
He melted himself in.

Today the reviving memories photograph only HER, the Happy Her.

-Dirgha Pandey

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