Okay! Anyone who spotted the title, I request you to read this blog! I need some serious help.

Alright, I have been trying to comple a short story named 'A Story In My Life' which I did yesterday. Through the story this is what has happened. I posted the first 6 chapters and left the story unwritten for a month or so. Those six chapters had an average unique readers of 50. Then when I restarted the series, the later chapters had lesser and lesser readers. Towards the end just a few read it.

I am unable to understand why. Is it because I have broken the chain of continuous writing or is it simply because I was not writing well enough throughout the series?

Have you writers tried writing a series? What do you think? And I am in a deadly need of serious reviews on the series. I would be extremely thankful to one who comes forward with a simple review! This is a help I want.

- Chandra

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