It was the most beautiful evening one could ever get to see, the surroundings were enveloped with beauty to the very core. The charm and cheeriness that subsided with the place was sufficient enough to take the grief out of a million souls. The setting sun was potently sensuous to seduce any artist and lure him to conjure a masterpiece out of thin air. It appeared as if the place was under some magical spell that was synchronizing every living thing with the splendid landscape.

I too tried to soak in the aura of calmness and flawless beauty that was wide spread before my vision. It was evoking the artist within me to transform the euphoria into words of magic. I sat on the grass, to open my heart and let the words flow from within. In the following seconds my mind started to connect with the heart, and the outcome was supposed to bring in a sense of gratification.

Something stole my attention; there she was, dominating the scene with her dazzling acts. The Heroine has finally taken center stage, the birds started chirping in her praise, the wind was busy caressing her hairs, the fading sunlight was increasing the glow of her face, and everything went silent to let her do the talking. She was making the picturesque landscape appear dull when compared to her. For a fraction of second, I was forced to belief that she was one of the Heroines from Cecelia Ahern's stories. Her acts were a feast for the eyes, with every passing second I was craving more for her acts.

I stepped forward to reach for her, and then she did something unexpected. She rose to her feet and leapt to touch the sky. An enigmatic smile was playing on her face. The leaves beneath her feet rustled in a sweet musical tone. I was transfixed by her existence; there was something very peculiar about her. A fear started to develop in my mind; a fear to lose her, losing the ability to sense her beauty. “She isn’t a mere artist, she is an art herself. ‘She ain’t an actress; she is indeed the true Heroine.” I said to myself and started to backtrack on my path.

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