I am a reader and I have always fun. In-fact I think reading is much more fun than writing.

First of all writing is a difficult task, atleast for me. Correct the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. Edit it, and then think 100 times before hitting that publish button. And it don't even stop at that. You have to worry for how many polls do I have till now, how many people read it. I think its too much that I can take. On the other hand in reading, you just read. And that is it. No obligation to comment, poll or even read a post whole if it don't interest you. You are a free bird. Absolutely.

Consider the fact that it takes at-least 30 minutes to write a good post, and just one minute or two to read it off. Reading it twice will not take more than 5 minutes including comment and poll ... :P ... so if you have just 5 minutes in your life you can be a Reader-Babu. While it will take you hell lot more to be a WriterBabu ( btw respect for being a Writerbabu ... hats off).

So hey Writerbabus, I am a Reader-Babu. I am the Boss!

P.S: I just became a WriterBabu by writing this post. And I must admit writing is addictive.

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