My Day starts thinking about you and also ends thinking about ,
Thats my life which has become for me ... at time of sleeping i need to listen all the songs which makes me remind of you and then after songs i feel for sleep .. i know
That saying you all this things wouldn't matter to you much as you
Can't feel what im but guess ... you tell me all your secrets ... that only some knows ..
if your name comes somewhere it reminds me again.. my life s*cks... it is not a love then what .. :-) im mad, im dumb, im stupid enough.. my very close friend said ... after telling about my friendship with you.. is that im what say ? Ya im that mad,dumb,stupid... that i believed that i'll be yours somewhere sometime .. but i have been hurted the most by breaking down breaking down my little pumping heart .. you wanted to say something but you always stop am i the only one who is active on your friendlist of 230... friends .. thats amazing .... my diary says

Tags: Experience

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