whats wrong with you baby,
do you know what is love,
Its so simple,
The person you love the most,
You tell her everything,
You don't hide anything with him,
You took pills,
Give me your pills,
I will take them,
if you want me to be a psycopath,
I am ready to become one,
if you want me to stay with you complete day,
tell me i will stay with you forever,
But tell me ,
You love me,
But tell me ,
You want to spend your time with me,
You think if you keep it hidden,
Your love will know it,
I am not a spiderman,
to reach to your house with spideys,
did you ever believed me,
You believed me a hypocrite,
You believed me a dishonest,
You know what is my love for you,
To just keep you happy,
You think if you had a relationship with someone,
my love will go for you,
never i love you till end,
You know what i want from you,
that you tell me,
what you are going with,
you hide,
you hide ,
madam just hide,
I am leaving because you never tell me
do you love me?
would you come with me,
thats what i wanted to ask you,
but you know what will be your response,
i have a boyfriend,
How will i ask you everytime,
I am not like you who hides everything.
Trust me i love you,
You please stop taking pills,
I love you,
and I love you

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