Higgs Boson- Ultimate reality or Just a Beginning?

Hello, Today I am here to discuss on something exclusively radical. All of us know that what “The god Particle” is or in other words “Higgs Boson”. But when we analyze it in every exclusive condition out of 10,00,000 conditions we got it only once and not only this but there are many things that tempt us to consider it as the god particle or the smallest possible mass of every object. A boson which is limitlessly small and only can be seen in 1 core th part of a second. But actually is it the ultimate reality? Now when this question arises there are many answers and according to me the most logical answer is that it is not as everything is further made up of something it may be energy by ignoring matter but the very thing is also made up of something.

Human kind discovered and solved the mysteries of quantum world but getting out the ultimate reality is a lot more difficult and passing through the mathematical concerns is double of it. The finest ways of calculation like calculus are accurate to the limits but I don’t think that this will support any ultimate theory to develop it we probably need a new and highly advance mathematics that would be able to even prove a smaller or the smallest unit that higgs boson. There are theories that are currently called the theory of everything like string theory. I agree that in head to head analyses but those 1d strings must be made up of something or radically energy state. But do these strings also have dual nature.

By all of these statements we can conclude that the ultimate reality will be very exclusive and we would definitely need more advanced science and technology to go beyond the limits of our current god particle.

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