Life is difficult when you move to a new country and start living independently. No matter how strong you are emotionally, its really hard to conrol yourself when you leave behind your friends, family and the love of your life. In my case I'm glad the love of my life stands by me at every moment. So this is for her.. 

As days pass by,
I miss u even more.. 
Missing the times we spent, 
A thousand memories galore..

My writings can no longer express those times
Those moments of love and that last touch.. 
Why did I have to go so far away?? 
My dear Sunshine I miss you tooo much.. 

A million dreams I have to fulfil, 
Another dozen of promises to keep..
I'm confident I'll make it,
Even though the climb is very steep..  

Sometimes I am all but lost,
But at every step I'm guided by your heart..
I don't know when our time will come,
But I know that we have surely made a start..

Every morning I wake up, 
To a day thats wondrously clear..
I have to remind myself again,
Its your heart on my sleeve that I wear..

I'm alive in your dreams, 
I am there in your prayer..
Just open your eyes,
And you'll find me there..

Hold on to my hand,
And just don't be afraid.. 
Let the world stare and say
What a couple we have made!! 

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