Hold on or let it go?

Once I asked this tricky question to a person considered great and adored by many and his answer was simple, "do what you feel like in the moment and have faith that everything happens for good...". Googly indeed. What to do when m feeling confused? This one I answered myself to my satisfaction. Don't do anything.

Haha, the question is not answered yet. When m not doing anything I start to get a feeling that what if my inaction leads to something which I'll regret life long. Am going to loose something or someone. What to do in that case? And as am writing this question somehow I have the answer. Have faith, everything happens for good. Nice solution, but this is the most difficult part.

But why is it difficult? Maybe because it involves waiting for the good. Because am considering the present situation to be bad and want the good to come. So what to do now? .... The answer is don't wait.

Haha, how to not wait? ... The answer is, shift your focus on the present moment and the present task at hand. Problem solved I guess, but no.

Sometimes, I am doing my work with dedication, devotion and all good things and am happy living my life, and one day there is a situation where I am supposed to take a decision. Decision regarding something which I had left on faith during my confused times. What do I do now? Do what I want? No, because I don't know what I want. So here I again got the answer as I wrote this last question fiddling with my confused soul, and the confusion is solved.

The ultimate answer is, do the right thing. Don't force it, just do the right thing judging on basic humanity and other good stuff you already know.

Most of the answers are within us when we are looking around for it, and we miss it.

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