Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated all over India. We play with coloured water. It is really a very colourful festival. But let me take you to another view. Water conservation is one of the major problems in present day life. Water is very necessary for agriculture. Artificial Irrigation facilities are not available to poor farmers. Rains fail, which very often happen gives a very big shock to the farmers. The ground level water has shrunk. Most of water bodies have been polluted now there is no other option than to depend on rains which very frequently fails. Farmers in Punjab and Haryana are forced to deep 50 feet deeper in the search of water. Amidst these two pictures of Mother Earth every minute you are forced to decide – Holi with water or Holi with only colours. I could have written more but I leave it upon you to decide which Holi to choose.

Tags: Nature

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