How honest can you be with a person?? Can you tell someone everything tht you feel?? That you think?? 
How close do you get to someone to be that honest with them. Honest enough with your girlfriend to tell her that you find the girl that just passed very hot? Or that you think that she needs to lose weight. Or tell someone on their face that you don wanna meet them. Or that you find some habit offensive. 
How honest can you be??
Wouldn't the relationship be great where everything is open?? No secrets.. No lies..
Wouldnt it take a load off ur chest if u dint have to lie every second of the day??
Because in the society that we live in today.. We have been groomed to lie.. We lie about everything..
Even down to how we are feeling. When Someone asks us how we are, the normal response outta us is that we're fine. We maybe the furthest away from fine at the moment, but we're just fine !! Right??
I would love to express myself freely. Would love to tell people when the ask me how I am, that I'm crappy!! Or or just messed up..! 
But social etiquette require me to say 'I'm fine!'
Think of a world without lies, where politicians speak the truth, where husbands don't lie to their wives, where parents tell their kids the truth about everything. 
Think of a true world.. 
Can we do it? Can we take baby steps towards it??
Can we start??
I am.. R u???

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