Honey, I have this long history with you. Present is a bit distorted, but miracles do happen. And about future, euphoric premonitions do happen. And I believe that someday, somehow, somewhere I’ll find you, your smile, your touch, your feel, your hug…your love.

I am penning this down because right now the past, the present and the future are all together getting circumfused around me. I just want to place every haphazard thought in my head into their apt positions so as to correct my every indiscriminate act. And for that purpose, I need you Honey. As the current communication scenario between us is in a dilapidated condition, I am transcribing my thoughts in order to feel closer to you.

Honey, it’s just that while writing, I feel that I am talking to you. Every time I type the word ‘Honey’, it gives me an illusion of your cute face staring into my eyes, and of course, with a smile on it. I love it when you smile looking at me. Even now, the feeling of looking into each other’s eyes with ardour gave me goose bumps of vivacity and I don’t want to remain culpable lifelong for the severance from that smile. Honey, now this is beyond want, its need…Honey I need you.

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