He/she might have erased your texts,
but they'll never forget what you
wrote. They might have UN-friend-ed
you, but they'll never forget your
pictures. They might have stopped
talking to you because they deleted
your contacts, but they'll never forget
your voice. They might have ignored-
you, but they'll never forget your
face. They might have stopped
hugging you, but they'll never forget
your smell. They might not be a part
of your life anymore, but they'll never
forget you and all the memories you
shared. Yeah! That is the GUY/LADY
who was truly loving you at heart but
was forced to separate with you
because of some pressure &
negativity from friends and external
reasons like tribal differences, family
influence, different cultures, different
religions, your appearance or style
and many more… He/she will always
think of you and you will always be
his/her TRUE LOVE though you are
not together..... But don’t lose HOPE,
if at all he was meant to be yours, no
matter how many years will pass by
destiny will bring you together and
you will adore each other. Just
continue praying to God, and it MAY
just happen.

::::: PK <3 MâĎĎÝ :::::

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