We were looking at the same painting. There was an exhibition in a nearby art gallery by some new artist. He was one of the most talked about artist in town. So I just went out to check out his paintings.
I went in and was so amazed to be there. You know it was kind of a huge hall with paintings all around and being my first time I was not sure what I was doing there and yes what I have to do next. I mean I had no idea how to deal with a painting, what to look for. I couldn’t have even praised the painter because he would have asked me what meaning I perceived.
I picked a less crowded corner and picked a painting painted on a white background with a woman feeding her newborn. She had tears in her eyes. It looked a very basic painting to me. If someone would have asked me, Umm, I would have picked words like adorable, lovely and breathtaking for the painting. I was just picking up words to describe if someone asked me just then a gorgeous lady who was standing right next to me started telling me about the picture.
You know the beauty of this picture is that child holding her mother’s finger. Look she is looking at that hand only.
Yes, no doubt I missed that. Still I wasn’t impressed. It looked so basic to me but still it was an art they called it. I decided to follow her. She continued.
Try feeling it. There is so much of love and pain at that very specific point. How it feels to a mother when her new born holds her finger maybe because he is afraid and he can feel someone’s presence who loves her.
I was intrigued. It was simply love but her explanation to that gave me a glimpse of true art. And at the same I was in love with both painting and her. After that it came easy, I looked at few more pictures before I asked her out, which she rejected gladly.
Later exactly the same happened again. Just this time painter was different. It was the exhibition of her paintings at the same location. I deeply studied every single painting and took my notes.
Yes exactly it worked and at last she went out with on dinner. And it started. She is gorgeous, isn’t she? ;)

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