LOVE is AMAZING when it comes to the way we fall for each other. We call it 'love at first sight' when we have a crush for a gorgeous someone on the very first look. We say 'the best lovers are best friends' when we fall for a very close friend of ours. We say love is blind when someone at the end of a telephone line falls for a dear person whom the former had never met. We too say 'everything is fair in love and war' when someone does the most crazy things to gain and guard his/her love of life.

They may say 'our love story is unique/crazy', but believe me every one of them are unique and crazy! What didn't you do in and for love? Every possible trick, big patience, being a fighter for adversaries to being a bunny for her, everything was so crafty so elegant. There is always something unique to every love story and about how they fall in love. Because they just can't help it! Or just because romantic love is itself the most unique and crazy thing of all! So, you too have your crazy story to tell? Let's hear, tell us, how did you fall in love?

Mmmhhm? I heard you. And. . . guess what? It's AMAZING! :D

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