Some would say they can die...
Some would say they can do anything..
But till now i haven't got the perfect Answer to this Question...

How far will you go,
For the one you love?
She asked him inquisitively,
He only smiled in response.

She took it as his Non seriousness,
She pestered him to answer,
He answered looking deep into her eyes,
"To that extent you want me to go"

She didn't feel satisfied by the response,
But half smiled and hugged him,
He knew that she wasn't happy with his answer,
But passed it away for the time being.

Next day they again met,
They sat in silence for a while,
Then he took her to his room.
There he excused himself and went away.

She sat alone in the room,
Pondering over the choice she has made,
Then the light suddenly went off.
She got afraid.

She called him but got no answer,
She was uncomfortable in the eerie silence.
She Concentrated on what was she earlier thinking.

She thought that she had never felt like this because he was always
there with her. He was always there when she wanted company.He was
always there from escorting her to some place to comforting her when
she felt alone and sad.

She again thought of the last time she felt afraid, alone , insecured
or had any bad feeling. She couldn't think of one.
Then she smiled to herself and cursed herself for having second thoughts.

Suddenly she heard some footsteps running towards her.It was him with
candle in his hand. He stood puzzled while she was smiling. She saw
deep concern and apology all over his face.She stood up and hugged
him. And said" i asked a stupid question that how far will you go when
all i wanted was you to be with me as near as possible.

Then he said, " I LOVE YOU"

She replied,"I love you too till the end of the eternity"

Love comes with THOUSANDS of feelings. UNCERTAINTY is one of them. You often think that you've made the right choice or not. But the power of love lies in how fast you overcome this feeling and embrace love.

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