Feelings are meant to be expressed. The feeling that I express more is anger. But mom told me that I should control and keep calm..

Yesterday dad argued that my bedroom is as dirty as a goddamn. Dirt was everywhere and scattered books and old bags made it look like a giant dustbin. I can't bear to hear insults against my beloved bedroom. Dad was exaggerating in the description. My bedroom was not that dirty. It's just that I'm a bit lazy to clean up daily.

I was angry. I felt like turning the whole house upside down. But I knew better than to lock horns with dad. After all, every boss has got his boss. So to express my anger, I adopted a rather unusual way.

I went to the nearby shop immediately and bought a sheet of Bristol paper. As soon as I came home, I began working on an idea. For 45 minutes, I worked. I ignored every command and taunts. I ignored the curiosity of my little sister, whom I noticed watching me at work secretly. What a rare sight it was for her! watching big bro at work!

However, when I finished, anger soon vanished and was replaced by a feeling of achievement/success(something like that). I smiled and quickly took a pic of my hard work and posted on Facebook, where it was liked immediately.

"What a talent U got"- were most of the comments.

So I took the sheet and glued on the wall at the entrance o my room. Can't wait to see the expression of dad when he sees the Graffiti-type drawing of mine which contained in big characters:



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